My name is Barbara Albrecht. I’m from a small town about 70 miles out of New York City, called Pleasant Valley.

I have been doing crafts a good portion of my life. Things like cross stitch, needle point, and sewing. In 2006 my church held its first annual craft fair and I decided to make some beaded jewelry to sell at the fair.

Now with my husband at my side, we do many craft fairs in our local area every year. My jewelry has expanded from bracelets to earrings to crystals to rosary.

Our rosary beads are never blessed as I feel this is something very personal between the purchaser and their clergy.

Many of my items are one of a kind.  You may see similar, but never identical unless it’s requested by my customer.

Please contact me at (845) 454-0899
Or at barbs.designs06@gmail.com